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It’s a fall afternoon, you and your friends decide to head over to your favorite bar and grill to catch all the sport action being aired that day.  The establishment has made the investment in a plethora of televisions and sport packages to please every sport enthusiast.  Several televisions are airing NFL games while others have college football and NASCAR airing in the establishment.  The owner’s investment has paid off.  The establishment is packed with customers viewing the rich array of sport programming being aired.  You and your friends are sat by the hostess, and you realize something is missing.  There are numerous flat screens to view, but only one channel of sound to hear.  They’re playing your team’s game, but not the sound.

Audioair was created so that every television is now available for a Personal Listening Experience.  Now you can listen to your team’s game and your favorite venue, even when the television is muted!




Audioair is the perfect compliment to your venue’s entertainment investment. Audioair is your hook to get into the social scene at your own bar.
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Smart Phone Solutions

Mobile Apps that access consumers at the point of purchase. Boost sales and brand loyalty where the power of suggestion is immediately actionable. Put your brand in the middle of the conversation. Be there for the good times.
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